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Trees glitter like castles
of ribbons, the broad fields
smolder with light, a passing
creekbed lies
heaped with shining hills

-Mary Oliver, from “First Snow” 

I stole a few minutes of this snow day to take some photos with my mom and get outside, instead of just seeing our snowy neighborhoods via my friends’ instagram feeds. This is one of the reasons why my heart will always love the midwest. It may be cold and bleak and the winter seems forever long, but the bitter chill is all redeemed through a glittery snow covering every inch of life.

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Becci and Andy are two of the most approachable, comfortable couples we have known. Our first meeting was a mix of wedding details, favorite drinks, childhood stories, and lots of laughs. Both have an impeccable sense of humor that was shared and felt throughout their wedding day.

This past November, their wedding landed on one of the most gorgeous and sunny fall days you could hope for. We were able to spend plenty of time out in the sunshine and catch the last bit of fall colors. Their ceremony was at St. Patrick’s Church in Cedar Rapids, a hidden gem that’s worth a peek if you’re on the NW side of town. By far my favorite part of the day was the incredible dance that featured neon inflatable instruments – now a must-have at any dance party I’ll ever attend.
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One of my all-time favorite movies is Away We Go. If you haven’t watched it before, please humor my attempt to provide a synopsis. Maya Rudolph (Verona) and John Krasinski (Burt) star as a couple who recently found out they are pregnant. Verona’s parents have passed and Burt’s family moves overseas, so the two are left without ties to their current home. In an attempt to find where they belong, they visit various friends and family, trying different places out until they find their home.

It’s a combination of two people I love to watch on screen, an incredible soundtrack (lots of Alexi Murdoch), and a theme that balances wanderlust with the tension and harmony of finding roots and belonging.


As I reflect on the year, my mind goes back to Away We Go and my favorite song from the movie, All My Days. As we photographed couples, babies, high school seniors, events and families, I found in everyone’s story a snippet of belonging, change, wonder, discovery. The truth of home being with whoever we love is just as present on a wedding day as it is bringing home a newborn baby or going off to college. In the midst of change and newness, the constant of loving and being loved grounds us even when it seems the world has turned upside down.

I hope you enjoy remembering some of our favorite frames and memories from this past year. Turn on some Alexi Murdoch and feel that journey of looking, finding and sometimes losing that person or people who bring us home no matter where our feet belong.

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