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5 years.

Greg and I celebrated our 5-year anniversary on May 22nd, also marking 5 years of photographing weddings. So many thanks need to be poured out to every couple who has trusted us to photograph their wedding, to everyone who “liked” our facebook and shared our photos, to our moms who are the best word-of-mouth advertisement we could hire, to everyone who boldly (or timidly) stepped in front of our lenses and allowed us to capture their story, to all the new moms and dads who welcomed us into their homes during the first few days of their newborns’ lives, to our friend Jaimen who has been our only assistant and steps in when Greg is working, is the best baby and dog whisperer around and advertises our business when I’m too shy to do it myself, to our network of photographers and creatives who answer our questions and daily inspire me with the work they are creating.

After five years, I felt we needed a new video to share a more recent story of who we are and the work we do. We worked with Sam Fathallah who I may have the biggest creative crush on ever. His work is brilliant and his heart is so huge. Sam spent a weekend with us, learning about who we are as a couple and as a photographers. He created a promo video for our photography business that also became a nod to the life we have created and grown to love in Cedar Rapids, a perfect tribute to 5 happy years of being married and being photographers. I couldn’t be more smitten with the final story and Sam’s creative genius that crafted it all together.

Also, a huge thank you to our models and friends, Erin and Bastian. We photographed their wedding in 2013. It is still one of our absolute favorites. They are beautiful people with elegance and big dreams. We loved spending time with them, talking over drinks and pizza about all their aspirations and interests.

Covington and Company took my palette of colors and photos and created a beautiful scene for us to photograph. I am continually amazed by their work and recommend them with everything I have to design your wedding or event. I will be putting together a full blog post from this shoot, but for now – here are just a few favorites.