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Last night Greg, Moby, and I were curled up in bed while the wind was howling, literally – howling, outside. Greg and I were plotting what would happen if a tree fell on our house – we both wished it would fall right on our kitchen, so we would have insurance money to remodel. Of course this would only be a brilliant plan if no one was hurt and our beloved mug collection didn’t break. After chatting about kitchen cupboards and whether or not a dishwasher was worth it, we rolled over and did what we always do before bed: read. Greg opened up a typical-Greg book of intellectual ramblings and a vocabulary only brilliant people could understand. My eyes buzzed over into the glow of my ipad as I read pinterest.

A few minutes into his book and seven or eight house pins later, Greg picked up my ipad and replaced it with the mystery he picked out for me at the library. And that is how I finished a third book in the month of January.

How Children Succeed by Paul ToughMy co-workers at Kids on Course and I read this book. If you’re in education, are a parent, or work with youth, I’d highly recommend picking this up. Paul Tough is kind of my “save the world” hero – I also read his other book, Whatever It Takes, which details the story of Geoffrey Canada and Harlem Children’s Zone. Tough talks about how kids need character and resilience to make it through life. “As she saw it, her job was not to prevent them from failing; it was to teach them how to learn from each failure, how to stare at their failures with unblinking honesty, how to confront exactly why they had messed up” (p. 183).

Claire Dewitt and the Bohemian Highway by Sara Gran: We were at the library two minutes before closing and I told Greg I wanted a “fun book” to read – my way of saying, a fiction book as I usually pour into nerdy marketing books. Greg pulled this off the shelf and said, “I’ve heard she’s good. You’ll like it.” Brilliant man that he is, I did like it. I love mysteries and even though this was book two (I ALWAYS do that…), it was both fun and engaging to read. If you like mysteries with a little bit of romance, it’s a good fit.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling: After watching The Mindy Project and being a dedicated Office fan for about two years in college, I’ve been wanting to read this book. Mindy is hilarious and writes about how she landed her first job with The Office and details other mishaps of becoming famous. This definitely has a flair of Bossypants by Tina Fey (also a favorite), but Mindy’s unique fashionista voice is evident in every page.


* Backdrop for this book shoot is compliments of my mom’s quilting ability. If you want to read someone who actually writes about meaningful things, check out her blog.