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Maggie and Theresia

We arrived to the Graham house to find a gathering of friends, more like family, overflowing from a home flooded with wedding preparations. Maggie and Theresia have a welcoming presence that beckons any stranger to become part of their family, no exception to their photographer duo, crawling around the corners of their home and yard.

It was a monumental day for two lovely ladies to become united after 6 years of sharing life and love together. Their family and friends surrounded them with the most support and encouragement I’ve ever seen at a wedding, clearly confident in the bright and beautiful future this family will continue to create together.

Their wedding and reception were at the Octagonal Barn in West Liberty, Iowa. It was a perfect day with a small ceremony overlooking the countryside and a huge party that filled the barn. All the DIY decorations and handmade love created a spectacular event. We will be the first to admit though that our favorite was hands-down the food: the most glorious appetizers + tasty Indian cuisine, followed by a perfect dessert bar.

Congratulations to Maggie, Theresia, Shiloh, Apple, and one on the way :)

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