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We had 15 minutes to grab coffee and talk through at least an hour’s worth of wedding and photography details.  Email conversations are never truly telling of who people are, so I was anxious to meet these two in person. Kathern and Andrew walked into the coffee shop and I immediately regretted my choice to wear something more “casual” and “approachable” (and not take a shower…) as these two appeared to have walked out of a J. Crew ad.

Key words that I look for in talking with clients: laid-back, unique, elegant, local, craft beer, good food, small…

In the first sentence or two of describing their wedding, they had hit every single one. And then they shared their vision for an intimate dinner party at Cobble Hill (one of our favorite Cedar Rapids restaurants), and I knew Greg would kill me for not doing everything in my power to book this wedding.


November 22, we had the honor of photographing their wedding and it was ten times more spectacular than the picture they had described in the coffee shop a month prior. Kathern and Andrew are delightful people, gorgeous to photograph, and gracious hosts. Their friends and family matched their charm and welcomed us into the intimate and cozy evening at Cobble. Andrew surprised Kathern by booking one of their favorite bands, the Ernie Halter Trio, who traveled from Nashville and filled the evening with incredible music and played some of the best covers I’ve ever heard. It was nearly impossible to not just drop my camera, pick up my glass of wine and dance the night away.

Cobble Hill did a truly outstanding job of pouring bottomless glasses of wine and preparing the best wedding food (or maybe the best food in general…) we’ve ever been treated to. Bark and Bloom did all of the arrangements and transformed an already gorgeous setting into something truly magnificent. And Kathern and Andrew’s old hollywood glam topped off a perfect evening.

Adios 2014, thanks for a perfect way to end another lovely year of weddings.

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For every person who gushes over plaid shirts, warm hues and sunny fall days…this goes out to you.

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