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As a somewhat clumsy person who spends her weekends in oversized t-shirts hunched over a computer like a toad, I have the utmost adoration for those whose every movement and eyelash is laced with elegance and sophistication. These two.

Justin and Teresa both reach a technological and intellectual level I may never touch in my lifetime, but their beauty and love for each other far outreaches their brain power, which is quite the testament to their marriage. Their day was flawless and moved with ease as Justin and Teresa’s cool composure guided a gentle and lively spirit that stitched their wedding day together.  Congratulations and all our best.

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I love fall photos like every midwest photographer and pinterest-addict, but the more I shoot, I find myself focusing on the stories of the people we photograph. I’d be lying if I didn’t still obsess about light and locations, but my favorite photo sessions are the ones when we connect over a love affair with small dogs or homemade beer or backyard chickens. I still love meeting people I would never meet otherwise and hoping the next time we hang out will be at a dinner party as a bunch of friends instead of as “clients.”

These two met when he gave her a parking ticket…a story that seemingly should be (or has been) in a romantic comedy. Their carefree nature made them flawless in front of a camera and delightful to be around. I love photographing couples with Greg, because it feels like a double date with pauses for photos in between. These two had such a warmth and felt like friends we had known for a long time.

“The older you get, the more you realize that it isn’t about the material things, or pride or ego. It’s about our hearts and who they beat for.” 

Congratulations Tiffany & Devin. We’re so looking forward to a beautiful wedding next  year.

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